What will happen if my test is cancelled due to Coronavirus?

If your test date was cancelled due to Covid-19, we will be deferring your application to the next available test date. 

If the new test date doesn't suit you, please contact the OET Helpdesk.




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    I overheard that oet exami ation in abudhabi uae will be cancelled due to the outbreak. How is it true?

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    Whether you will refund our exam payment, if I am cancelling my oet exam due to out break of corona,???

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    Is that sure about the cancellation of oet exam on March 21.

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    Aleena Mathews

    Is that sure about the cancellation of oet exam on March 21

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    Tibina Thankachan

    Hai is there any updates regarding Oet exam on March 21 at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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    Instead of 21 st any other date updation

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    Nadia Nizarali

    I want to take my refund. How I can get it?

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    If withdraw exam, wont get complete refund.they cut some amount.
    Too much

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    Hi, my name is Mrs Laveena,my OET Nursing Exam is booked on May 2 in India, currently i am working in Isreal, due to Coronavirus we are not able to travel until May month.My concern is if i postpone is there any additional charges as we know it is a Global issue?

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    Sona sabu

    Some of the Kerala venues are not cancelled like pallipuram nd kalady.so do we have exams 21 March 2020 as scheduled on there venue?

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    my exam date was sheduled for mrch 21 so as it is cancelled canu please get me anothr date in april itself.

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    I got the exam date postponed to June 12 but the date is inconvenient for me so can you plz give me a date on April 4.I am ready to write exam outside Kerala.

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    mohanad attallah

    Who will update us regarding cancellation? We can not travel outside the state due to the urgent issue of Corona. I am working in Qatar and we have banned travelling. My test is in Oman on 4th April

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    Previously, I applied for the test on 4/4/20 at Greenwich ultimo Sydney but due to the Corona virus, you deferred my test to 2/5/20.
    Can I change this deferral to 19/4/20 in Thailand as I am restricted travel to Australia

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    Sowmya Thomas

    I applied test in April 4 . Two days back i received a mail that my test postpone to june 26. I can club my previous result if I write exam in April . What I wil do

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    Sherlin Mariam Shaji

    I am worried about my oet exam date change...Please consider me🙏 I took exam date on 27June2020 ...due to Covid ..by mistake in typing ..I deferred exam date to 5december2020.But I cannot attend exam on december.I want to pre-pond my exam date from 5 december2020 to 8August2020 or 22August2020 at Cambridge University Press India Kollam.Please consider me.God bless you.

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