How do I stop others seeing my badge?  

We believe that your privacy is of the upmost importanceYou can completely control your privacy settings through your Acclaim/Credly profile.  

OET Digital Badges can be made private to stop other people from seeing them.  

When you initially claim and accept the badge you will be asked about badge settings. In the pop-up window, you can choose to make your badge private or public.  

You can also select an Auto Accept setting which will automatically accept any badge issued to you and make it public. Turn this off if you don’t want your badges to be automatically made public. 

You can also change your badges privacy settings from your profile:

  • Click on the badge you would like to be made public or private 
  • Click on  button on the top right of the page 
  • Select ‘Make badge public’ or ‘Make badge private’ from the drop-down menu 
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