What are OET digital badges?

Taking OET is an important life event and we want you to be able to celebrate your success. That’s why we’ve introduced digital badges. 

A digital badge is a web-based credential. Our badges can be shared over social media and added to your resume, cover letter and email signature!

 We offer the OET Gold Standard badge:

  • High achievers will be offered an OET Gold Standard badge for scoring a B or higher on all their sub-tests in one test sitting. Please note: We no longer issue individual sub-test badges.

All candidates who took OET from 31 August 2019 onward and meet the badge’s requirements can claim an OET Gold Standard Badge. 

You can refer to FAQ 'How do I claim a badge?' for information on how to claim your OET Gold Standard Badge.

OET Digital Badges cannot be used for visa or registration purposes. Our digital badge does not replace formal OET results or the results verification process. You can learn about giving organisations access to your OET results here.

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