I haven't received a Start for Success confirmation email

Quick Read

  • Start for Success sends a confirmation email to the address you provided
  • If you can't see the email, check your spam folder
  • If you think you didn't receive the email, contact E2 Language
  • You will be contacted within 24 hours. 

Our Start for Success package is perfect for helping your prepare for OET. Created by E2 Language, the package includes videos, lessons and sample guides to help you. 

When you sign up for Start for Success, you should receive a confirmation email shortly after you register which will guide you through the setup and login process. 

If you cannot see this email, it may have been picked up by your spam filter. Check your spam/junk inbox. 

If the email is not there, and you don't believe you received the email, you can reach out to E2 Language for technical help. 

Follow this link: https://help.e2language.com/support/tickets/new and E2's Help Team will be in contact within 24 hours. 

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