How do I request special arrangements?

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  • Candidates with pre-existing conditions and personal issues can request special arrangements
  • Apply for special arrangements during the OET application process 
  • You cannot organise an earlier Speaking test time through special arrangements
  • Check 3.3 of our Test Regulations for more details. 

At OET, we understand that medical conditions and personal issues can have a major impact on your ability to effectively take the test. We aim to accommodate students by making special arrangements if needed.

If you require special arrangements, it’s important you make these clear to us.  You will need to describe the arrangement you need, the reason and provide supporting documentation, such as a medical certificate.

You can do this during the OET application process. During Step 3 Select a Venue:

  • Select either Medical or Other
  • Write a description of your medical condition or personal issue as well as the special arrangement you will need
  • Attach and upload supporting documentation.

You’ll receive a confirmation email if your special arrangement request has been accepted. If we cannot accommodate your special arrangement, you will be able to either defer for free or withdraw with a full refund.

For more information, see 3.3 of OET's Test Regulations



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