How do I request an Authorisation Letter?

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  • An Authorisation Letter allows you to sit the test if you don't have a valid ID available on Test Day.
  • Request an Authorisation Letter from the Customer Service Team.

If you do not possess a passport or national ID card, you can apply for an Authorisation Letter, which may allow you to sit the test.

To be eligible for an authorisation letter you must be a:

  • Proven refugee with official documents from your host country (issued by an Immigration Authority) that does not include photo ID documentation.

Please note the following conditions if using an authorisation letter:

  • Cannot be used by those who hold a valid passport or national identity cards
  • Cannot be used for lost, stolen or legally confiscated passports nor when the document is subject to immigration processing or application for replacement.

For more information, see 3.2 of OET's Test Regulations


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