When will I get my OET results?

You will receive a Statement of Results which shows your score for each of the four sub-tests, on a scale from 0 to 500. Each of the four sub-tests is assessed in a specific way.

For further information on how results are reported, please visit the results and assessment page on the OET website. Our informational video also explains the assessment process.

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Section 1. OET on paper

Quick read

  • We intend to get back your results 14 business days after you take OET.
  • Log in to your myOET profile to see your results on the dashboard.
  • You can view, download, and print your electronic Statement of Results.

We know you can’t wait to get your results, which is why we intend to get them back to you 16 business days after you take the test.

You will be able to access your results through your myOET profile:

  • On your dashboard under the heading MY TEST HISTORY
  • Please scroll across to GRADE to view your result for each sub-test

To view and download your Statement of Results:

  • You can view and download your statement of results via your myOET portal
  • On the left side of your test details, you will see an ACTION column
  • Under the ACTION column, there are small black triangles
  • Click on one of these triangles, then "download statement of results"
  • If you are unable to download your statement of results please enable all pop-ups in your web browser.


Section 2. OET on Computer at a venue/OET@Home

Quick Read

  • Results will be available 16 business days after the test.
  • View your results in your OET account

We know you are excited to get your results, which is why we aim to get them back to you 16 business days after the test.

To access your results simply:

  1. Log in to your OET account
  2. Navigate to the 'My Results' tab on the left hand side

Note: For results publishing date please refer to the Test Dates and Results Publishing page. There may be some situations where we are unable to release results within the stated timeframe.

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