How do I Apply to Resit before previous OET Results are published?

If you would like to apply for the next OET administration before your results have been published for the current OET administration, you will need to apply via Apply for the Test.

If you choose Apply to Resit the Test prior to the release of your OET results, the system will give you the following error message: Sorry! You cannot resit in any of the sub-tests. Results for all the sub-tests have not been published yet.

This is because our system will only allow one active OET administration per Candidate Number at one time. This application will require a different email address as your current email address is linked to your current OET administration account.

Upon completion of your Apply for the Test application you will be given a new Candidate Number.

If you do not want to apply as a new Candidate, you will need to wait until your current OET results are published, then you can Apply to Resit the Test .

Bear in mind, if you wait until your test results are published you may not be able to sit the OET administration directly following the OET administration you've just sat, please refer to Test Dates for important Application and Test Date information.

If you apply for the OET and then want to Withdraw because you have achieved the minimum OET results required on your previous test, please login to your online candidate profile and click the 'Withdraw' button. An administration fee of AUD $200.00 applies. Your refund will be issued to you less the AUD $200.00 administration fee. Please allow up to four weeks after the test date for processing.

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