How Can I Prepare for OET?


Detailed information about each sub-test, its assessment and how to prepare can be found on our Test Information page. 

Free Sample Test Materials can be downloaded from the OET website as well.

The OET Shop has a wide range of official OET practice materials. OET books include sample tests and short study guide, Listening books also come with CDs.  Books and their associated costs can be found and ordered at the OET Shop

Currently, the OET does not directly offer any preparation courses.  However, there is a list of OET Preparation Course Providers offered. 

Also it may be helpful for you to register for an OET Masterclass, a candidate information session which covers all four sub-tests, which is free to register for. 

Please be advised that the OET does not endorse any providers or programs, and has no links with any of these organisations. The information given to us comes from the providers’ own materials. We do not take responsibility for the content of external websites. 


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