What ID can I use to book and sit OET?

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We accept the following forms of identification:

  1. Passport: a valid passport displaying your full name, date of birth, and photograph, expiry date and signature.
  2. National ID: any form of identification issued by the national government in the country you are sitting the OET (this excludes driver license). ID must include your full name, photograph, date of birth (DoB) and signature.
  3. Refugee and Asylum Status Candidates: Please refer to the FAQ 'I am a refugee/asylum seeker, can I book OET without a passport of national ID?'  

You will need one form of valid identification to book and sit the OET. The ID that you book with must be the same as the one you bring on test day.

To be valid, your ID must not have expired, been cancelled or made invalid in any other way as determined solely by us.

If your ID changes e.g. if your passport expires and you get a new one, or for all other ID enquires please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Note: Where a National ID is not in English, then a certified translated NIC/NID will be required to be sent directly to the helpdesk.


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