Important Message on OET Security for Candidates


This article is to remind all OET Candidates of the importance of OET Test Regulations which you agree adhere to at the time of applying for the OET. 

These regulations are designed to ensure that all OET Candidates are treated fairly and equitably and testing environment is secure. It is for the benefit of all OET Candidates that all are given the same opportunity to pass the test, and no one has unfair advantage due to malpractice. 

The organisations who recognise your OET Results (including the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) require OET to maintain a highly secure test environment, which is why the test day is designed the way it is, including stringent registration and ID checks, photography requirements, supervised waiting areas, invigilation and bathroom break rules.

We draw your attention to OET Test Regulations 2016, which are incorporated into our Terms and Conditions and which you signed up to at the time of registering for the OET.  You acknowledged that you have read, understood and accepted to be bound by OET Terms and Conditions when you applied for OET. CBLA accepts OET Applications on the basis that Test Venues and OET Candidates fully understand the OET Test Regulations incorporating the Notice to Candidates (see page 8 of the OET Test Regulations 2016 ).

We have updated the 'Candidate Identity Check Form' to remind all candidates of the OET Test Regulations.  You are required to sign this form on test day. All OET Test Regulations are important and relevant, but on this form we particularly refer to the Malpractice Warning and:

*         4.4 Identification document discrepancy

*         4.8 Malpractice Warning procedure

*         6.1 Copyright

*         6.2 Privacy


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