Requirements for the Australian National Boards’ Registration Standards


The Australian ‘National Boards’ has announced that from 1 July 2015 there will be new registration standards for English language skills.  As part of the new standards, OET results will be accepted:

i.   from one test sitting, only if:

  • you achieve a minimum score of B in each component, or

ii.  a maximum of two test sittings in a six month period only if:

  • you are tested in all four components in each sitting, and
  • you achieve a minimum score of B in each component across the two sittings, and
  • no score in any component of the test is below C, and
  • the application is received on or after 1 July 2015, and
  • the test results provided meet the validity requirements detailed in the ELS (English Language Skills) standard. 


OET is accepted by the following National Boards, as administered by AHPRA:


For more information on the changes and for any further queries, please contact the National Boards.


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