Nurses and Midwives Seeking Work in the UK Can Now Take OET


Nurses and midwives who want to work in the UK will now be able to take OET to prove English language proficiency.

The UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council has announced it will formally recognise OET for registration from 1 November 2017.

Sujata Stead, OET CEO said “We are delighted that the NMC now accepts OET for registration. The NMC join a range of boards and councils from Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Singapore who use OET to ensure nurses have the right level of English language skills to communicate effectively at work.”

Overseas-trained nurses and midwives who are required to take an English language test to gain registration with the NMC need to achieve Grade B across all four OET subtests. The NMC will only accept results from the February 2016 test administration onwards.

For more information on how you can submit your OET results to the NMC, go to the NMC website:

It is possible for nurses and midwives to submit results from two test administrations to the NMC if they comply with strict requirements.

Recognition by the NMC has resulted in several changes and improvements for OET candidates:

  • OET was graded from A to E. However, a new grade of C+ has been introduced to correlate to IELTS 6.5. For the time being the grade of C+ will only be used by NMC in the UK and will only apply in a very specific situation.
  • OET has launched a new Preparation Portal to help candidates prepare for OET.
  • OET test applications will open for two test dates at the same time so that candidates can choose to apply for one of two upcoming tests.

OET is currently available every month in nearly 40 countries and new venues will be opening regularly from December onwards to increase access for candidates. For more information and to see our list of new venues opening soon, go to:

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