When and Where Can I Take OET?

OET is available every month in over 40 countries.

Applications are open for 2 test dates at a time and close three weeks before the test date.

Complete your application as soon as possible as spaces are limited in some venues.

Our current list of test dates and locations can be viewed on our Test Venue page.


New and Upcoming Venues

The following locations will be opening for the December 2017 test administration:

  • UK, Birmingham
  • UK, Leeds
  • UK, Edinburgh
  • UK, Glasgow
  • Romania, Bucharest
  • Greece, Athens
  • Egypt, New Cairo
  • Philippines, Baguio
  • Philippines, Makati
  • Philippines, Cebu
  • India, Chandigarh
  • India, Kolkata
  • India, Hyderabad
  • India, Amritsar
  • India, Trivandrum


 The following locations will be opening for the January 2018 test administration:

  • Spain

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