How is OET different to general and academic English tests?

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  • OET uses real healthcare scenarios to test English and communication skills
  • OET has specific subtests for 12 professions, including nursing and medicine
  • See examples below and for more information click this link

OET is the obvious choice for healthcare professionals looking to register and practice in English speaking countries. 

OET uses real communication scenarios candidates will experience in their healthcare workplace. General or academic tests, on the other hand, assess English language skills using every day or academic scenarios.

Let's look at two examples


Take the Writing subtest, we ask most candidates to prepare referral letters based on case notes specific to their profession.


In the Speaking subtest, a candidate role-plays as a doctor, nurse or another profession which tests their ability to proficiently conduct a healthcare consultation with a patient or carer.

OET is recognised globally and is seen as a more relevant certification in the healthcare sector. Apply for OET and launch your international healthcare career today.

For more information about OET, follow this link to our website.

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