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  • Focus on English language skill, test strategy and practice
  • Check our Preparation Portal for great educational resources

If you’re a healthcare professional planning to take OET to prove English proficiency, you’ll be thinking about how you can prepare for the test.

OET is trusted by healthcare employers, regulators and governments to ensure that healthcare professionals have the required English proficiency to provide safe and effective patient care. 

There is no pass or fail for the test as the minimum acceptable level is set by organisations using the test such as healthcare boards and councils, as well as immigration agencies.

We know you’re very busy but we recommend you undertake preparation before you take the test. For a successful outcome you need to ensure that:

  1. Your English language skills are at the right level
  2. You have the best test strategy
  3. You get plenty of practice

Test preparation support

Your first stop should be the OET Preparation Portal where you will find a wide range of resources, many of which are online and free of charge. You can access:

  • Free online sample practice tests
  • Free online masterclass with an OET preparation expert
  • Free online tips to improve your test performance
  • Online Preparation Course
  • Practice books

If you want to attend an OET preparation course, you will find a list of schools on the OET website.

I have good English language skills – why do I need to prepare?

You might feel that you have good English language skills and should be able to pass the test without preparation, but candidates are assessed solely on the language produced on the test day in each of the four skill areas - listening, reading, writing, speaking.

In addition, you are tested in a specific timeframe and this requires test strategy practice.

OET provides continuing support if you aren’t achieving the results you need. 

Reaching your career goals

Each year thousands of healthcare professionals take OET in 40 countries. We take great care to produce a test that gives candidates around the world a fair and reliable way to prove healthcare specific English language skills. Please view the success stories and testimonials from healthcare professionals who have achieved their career goals after successfully taking OET.





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