What if I Haven’t Achieved the Results I Need?


We understand you’ve invested time and money attempting to obtain the results you’re after.  At this point it’s good to stop and think – do you need more test-taking skills and / or English skills?

Test-taking skills

If test-taking skills are required, make sure you’ve attended our free Masterclasses which explain how to make the best of your time during the test, what to expect, and how to reduce anxiety. The OET Online Preparation Course and Practice Books, which are available for purchase, also help you to understand the test design, and include preparation and practice exercises. You can also try the OET Feedback Voucher for Writing and Speaking, available for purchase, which gives you individual feedback on practice exercises from approved OET tutors, so you can understand specific areas where you need to improve. Visit the OET Preparation Portal for these resources.

English language skills

Please consider that in most cases when someone has had multiple unsuccessful OET attempts, English skills will be part of the problem. This can include problems with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and listening comprehension and communication skills. In such situations, re-sitting the test every month without taking any steps to improve English skills will most likely not result in an improvement of scores.

If your English skills need a boost, we recommend you take a General English course – why not consider the list of providers on the OET website as they often provide both General English and OET Preparation Courses. You can also enquire with other educational institutions. Let the school know your OET results and make it clear which grade you want to achieve, so they can put you in the right course. Shop around to ensure you get the best course to suit your time and needs.

We believe that by improving your test-taking and English language skills, you will be in a better position to achieve OET success.



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